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Is something hiding in your homeowners insurance rate?

Home is where the heart is. It’s also likely to be one of your biggest investments. Our homeowner’s policy is a package policy that includes coverages for a home, its contents, and the occupant's liability. But at Five Star Affinity Insurance, we go beyond what’s required and make sure that your coverage is Made For You!


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Ask us how your Homeowners policy can provide coverage for ATM theft or stolen money withdrawn while traveling!  

Five Star Affinity Insurance customers may receive a DISCOUNT on homeowners insurance when purchasing multiple policies with one carrier!

Additionally, customers may be able to receive DISCOUNTS on homeowner’s coverage in the following ways:

  • New Home Buyer Discount
  • Loss-Free Discount
  • Retirement Discounts
  • Gated Community Discounts
  • New Build Credit
  • Renovated Home Credit
  • Suburban Rating Discount
  • Loyal Customer Discount
  • Renters Conversion Discount
  • Protective Device Discounts
  • And More…!

At Five Star Affinity Insurance we go beyond the home! Call us today to find out how our customers may be able to tailor homeowner’s coverage to include:

  • Add boats or golf carts to policy
  • Diminishing Deductibles
  • Social Security Check Coverage
  • Cash Settlement Option on Homes
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage
  • Identity Recovery Coverage
  • And More…!

New York State Homeowners Insurance FAQs

I am moving and I have my personal property in storage - is it covered?
In order for the personal property to have coverage you would need to keep the home policy in-force. Make sure you contact us right away so we can review your coverage with you.

I have homeowners insurance; if there is a flood does my policy cover it?
No. Because of the catastrophic loss potential of floods, the cost to insure against flooding would significantly raise property insurance rates. Therefore, both homeowners and dwelling policies exclude losses caused by flooding. However, Five Star Affinity Insurance Agencies can provide flood policies separately.

I received a letter from my mortgage company stating they have not received a copy of my homeowners’ policy. What does this mean?
Contact us directly at 866-915-8210 and we can take care of these requests. Also, make sure to review your annual renewal notifications to be sure all mortgage holder information is correct to allow notices to be sent automatically.

Why do home insurance coverage limits and premiums change from year to year?
Limits and coverages include adjustments for inflation, cost in building materials, and a variety of other factors. Please contact us to discuss any changes you experience in your policies. We’d be happy to review with you.

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