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Digital Banking

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Digital Banking Support


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Next steps. Helpful answers. At Five Star Bank, we're here to support you through every step of this transition. We will continue to share important updates, helpful tips, and comprehensive resources on our website, but if you prefer to speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives, give us a call at (866) 845-8094.

Tips for first-time login:

  • Have your NetTeller user ID readily available.
You can find your user ID by logging in to your NetTeller account and selecting the personal tab under Options. Your ID will be listed under the “Update Login Information” section. If you need help locating your user ID please contact our Customer Support Center at (866) 845-8094.
  • Allow yourself 1-2 minutes to complete first-time login.
You will be prompted to establish a new password for Five Star Bank Digital Banking. Check to make sure you are meeting all required criteria for password security by following the instructions on the screen. Customers will also need to review and acknowledge our E-sign Consent Agreement and Digital Banking Agreement.
  • You only need to complete the first-time login process once.
Your login credentials will be the same whether you log in from a computer or the app and will carry over to your other devices.

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  • Make sure your phone number and email address are current in our records. Digital Banking offers two-factor authentication with Secure Access Codes. A Secure Access Code is a randomly generated 6-digit code that will be sent to you when logging into Digital Banking by a method which only you can obtain (email, automated phone or text message) to confirm it's actually you logging in to view and transact on your account. 
  • Those who use Face ID or Touch ID to login to their Five Star Bank app today will need to enable that functionality again after the first time login process. This can be done on the login page of the Five Star Bank Digital Banking app or through the Settings menu within the app. Depending on device compatibility, customers are also able to use a Passcode to quickly and securely log in.


Explore more.

This is an exciting change, and we would like our customers to be as comfortable with the transition as possible. Test it out first-hand with interactive simulators. Read about some of the new features available. Or learn additional functionality of the tools you love today using our comprehensive user guides.
Interactive Tutorials: 
Getting Started simulator
This simulator is designed to give you an overview of the new Digital Banking platform. We will walk through the dashboard controls and the feature and functions available.
Everyday Banking simulator
This simulator is designed to dive deeper into a few key features that customers use every day. This tutorial will get you ready for everyday banking with Five Star Bank’s Digital Banking system.
Financial Tools simulator
Designed to give you an overview of one of the newest features to Digital Banking platform- Financial Tools- in this simulator, we will walk through how to get started with Financial Tools and share an overview of its basic functionality.
Payment Options simulator
Take a deeper dive into the functionality of the various payment options under Move Money. In this simulator we will explain the differences in payment methods.
Manage My Bills & CardSwap simulator
Check out two new features offered in Digital Banking- CardSwap® and Manage My Bills. Both features can be found under Online Services and present Digital Banking users with new ways to take control of their financial well-being.
Comprehensive User Guide: 

Frequently asked questions: 
Q: What is Five Star Bank Digital Banking?
A: ​Five Star Bank Digital Banking is our new online and mobile banking platform. Customers will be able to access their account information, conduct transactions, and be provided more on-the-go access to Five Star Bank Digital Banking from their computer, tablet or mobile device.
Q: Am I able to make a loan payment from an account with another institution?
A: Yes! Use the “Add an External Account” feature under Online Services. Instructions on the screen will walk you through how to add and verify your external accounts so that you are able to transact with these accounts. You will be able to see your added accounts in your list of accounts when using functions under the Move Money tab (Loan Payment, Funds Transfer, etc.).
Q: Can I access Digital Banking without a smart phone?
A: Digital Banking can be accessed using any device with an internet connection. Customers can download the Digital Banking app to use the tool on their mobile device, or they can login like they do today using the login button on
Q: Why can't I transact on all of my accounts?
A: As part of our transition to Digital Banking, we made some noteworthy changes to a handful of relationships. Select accounts - including Power of Attorney or Trustee and Executor/Administrator, Guardian or Representative Payee relationships- will be placed in View Only access upon transition to Digital Banking. If you would like to have full access rights to perform transactions, please contact us so we can discuss the necessary paperwork required and to verify we have it on file.
Q: Can I reset my password?
A: Yes, you can reset your password. Select the “Forgot your password?” link on the Digital Banking login screen to reset your password. You will be prompted to enter your login ID and then asked to select a delivery method for a reset. Check to make sure you are meeting all required criteria for password security. Our Customer Call Center or your local branch can also assist in a password reset.
Q: I recently reset my password in Digital Banking. Why am I receiving an error message stating “Authentication has failed.”?
A: During your initial password reset, when prompted to update your saved password in your browser or key chain, select “Not Now” or “No Thanks.” Once you have successfully changed your password and have logged in to your accounts, log out and log back in again- manually entering your new password. This time, when prompted to update or save your password, you may agree to update your password key chain. 
Q: What does it mean to register my device?
A: Registering your device with Digital Banking means that you would like to recognize your device as a secure means to access your account information. When using a registered device, you will only be prompted to enter your user ID and will not be asked for a secure access code. Customers should only register personal devices that are not accessible to the public.
Q: What new features can I expect?
A: We are excited to introduce several new features including:
  • Manage My Bills – a single dashboard that allows you to establish a direct connection to your monthly bills and make payments all in one spot.
  • CardSwap® - one place to manage your card on file for how you pay various subscriptions, streaming services, and e-commerce merchants.
  • Financial Tools – to help you budget and set goals for a prosperous tomorrow.
  • Send Money – a quick and easy way to send money to others.
Q: Is Manage My Bills the new Bill Pay?
A: Manage My Bills is a new way to manage and pay your monthly bills. It will not replace Bill Pay- but simply be another way for customers to manage their financial well-being.
Q: Are there any limitations for using Send Money?
A: To utilize Send Money you will need to know the email address or mobile phone number of the recipient you would like to send money to. Send Money will work on the Star, NYCE, Pulse, Accel, Culiance and Shazam networks and is working to expand their list of networks further.
Q: Who am I able to transfer money to using Digital Banking?
A: Our Customer to Customer feature allows Digital Banking users to send money to other Five Star Bank customers enrolled in Digital Banking. The only information you need from the receiving individual is an email address used for their Digital Banking, and the last four digits of their account number.
Q: How do I add an external account in Digital Banking?
A: There are two ways to add an external account to your Digital Banking environment, and each serves a unique purpose. 1) Use the “Add an External Account” feature under Online Services. Instructions on the screen will walk you through how to add and verify your external accounts so that you are able to transact with these accounts. By using “Add an External Account” you will be able to see your added accounts in your list of accounts when using functions under the Move Money tab (Loan Payment, Funds Transfer, etc.). 2) On the home page use the “Link Account” feature to have your external accounts display on the home screen and also appear in your Financial Tools reporting. Linking an Account is a great way to understand your full financial picture across multiple financial institutions but does not allow you to transaction on the account within Digital Banking.
Q: Why am I only able to add some of my external financial accounts?
A: While we currently support a large number of vendors in Digital Banking, we continue to work to expand this network. Restrictions based on vendor or product are possible. You may be able to manually link some of your external account to display in the Financial Tools reporting, but these manually added accounts will not appear on the home page.
Q: Why am I asked to enter a security code when accessing certain linked accounts each time I login to Five Star Bank Digital Banking?
A: Some vendors require a higher level of security than others when accessing your accounts through Digital Banking. This security setting is set by your external financial institution and not within Digital Banking.
Q: How do I enroll in e-statements?
A: If you are not currently enrolled in e-statements, when selecting the View Statements tab within Online Services you will be asked to complete a series of questions and accept our e-statement agreement. Once the enrollment process is complete you will be able to view your statements using the View Statements function in Digital Banking (statements starting with enrollment date). Customers with joint relationships on accounts are able to enroll one account holder in e-statements using the View Statements function in Digital Banking. To add an additional recipient for the e-statement select Additional Recipients within the e-statements settings.
Q: If I have nicknamed my accounts, will those nicknames transition over to Five Star Bank Digital Banking?
A: Unfortunately, there have been some instances where account nicknames have not carried over from the old system into Digital Banking. You can easily re-establish your account nicknames by clicking on the three dots next to the account title and selecting “Nickname Account.”
Q: Why am I unable to access the new Digital Banking site?
A: Please make sure you are accessing the login page through a supported browser. Digital Banking will not work using any version of Internet Explorer. A full list of supported browsers can be found here:
Q: Will I still be able to connect to my Quicken and QuickBooks accounts?
A: You will need to modify your Quicken/QuickBooks settings to ensure a smooth transition of your data. Follow the conversion instructions for QuickBooks Online, Quicken for Windows Express Web Connect, and Quicken for Windows Web Connect. When searching for Five Star Bank from the drop down options, make sure you select “Five Star Bank (NY) ” from the list. NOTE: You may see as many as three versions of “Five Star Bank (NY)” listed. You can choose any of these versions.
Q: Where can I find a copy of the agreements I accepted during first-time login?
A: We have added a Digital Banking section to our Important Forms & Documents page,, which houses the Digital Banking Agreement and E-Sign Consent Agreement that are presented to customers when they first enter Digital Banking. We have also included our e-Statements Agreement to this section because many of our customers will utilize the “View Statements” feature in this new system. You are able to download these PDFs to view, save and print.
Q: What is a Secure Access Code?
A: A Secure Access Code is a randomly generated 6-digit code that will be sent to you by a method only you can obtain (email, automated phone or text message) to confirm it's actually you logging in to view and transact on your account.
Q: Why am I not receiving important information, such as scheduled transition dates or Secure Access Codes?
A: We may have outdated contact information on file. Please contact our Customer Support Center at (877) 226-5578 to confirm and/or update your contact information with us.
Q: How can I update my information in Digital Banking?
A: There are two places you can update your information in Digital Banking. 1) You can add and edit your preferred delivery methods by visiting “Security Options” under Settings, then selecting “Secure Delivery.” 2) Review and update your Digital Banking profile by visiting the “Profile” feature under Settings. In the profile form you can update your name, address, email address, and phone number. Please note that you still need to contact our Customer Call Center at (877) 226-5578 to update your information on file with Five Star Bank.
Q: Can I get my Secure Access Code via text message?
A: Digital Banking allows you to receive your Secure Access Code via text, voice message, or email. You can add and edit your preferred delivery methods by visiting “Security Options” under Settings, then selecting “Secure Delivery.”
Q: Can I change which accounts display in Digital Banking?
A: Yes. Visit the Account Preferences tab under settings to organize your accounts in Digital Banking. Click into an account and toggle “Account Visibility” to hide/show accounts on your home page and in Financial Tools.
Q: How do I change my user ID so it isn’t a string of numbers?
A: Under Security Options in the Settings menu, select “Change Login ID” to update your user ID. Your login ID must be between 6 and 20 characters. Click “Save new Login ID” to complete the update. NOTE: If you receive an error message stating “User ID already in use” please try a new combination. Our system does not allow for duplicate IDs.
Q: Why am I getting security notifications from Digital Banking?
A: For your security and peace of mind, Five Star Bank Digital Banking will send you security alerts. You can control how and what types of alerts you receive through Digital Banking. Visit the alert options tab to adjust your alert settings. There are some security messages that you cannot disable for your protection. If you are receiving an alert about an invalid login attempt, we encourage you to monitor your account and report any suspicious activity. However, we have found that when certain third-party financial accounts are linked in Digital Banking they will trigger a security alert when trying to communicate with our system.

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