Thank you for your interest in Five Star Bank. Currently the information you have entered for eligibility does not qualify you to open an account with Five Star Bank.
If you have any questions or believe we have reached this decision in error, please contact us via email at or call us at (877) 226-5578.

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Make the Switch

Follow these simple steps to make your switch to Five Star Bank quick and easy.

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Making the Switch is Easy!

Follow these simple steps to make your switch to Five Star Bank quick and easy.


   1st Step

Fill out our SWITCH EASY CUSTOMER CHECKLIST to ensure we have all the needed information regarding any CDs, direct deposits, automatic payments or withdrawals that you may have established that you wish to transfer.

During your account opening process we will ensure that all vendors you listed will receive notification of payment transfer or payment cancellation to your new Five Star Bank account.

2nd Step

Complete our NEW CUSTOMER INFORMATION form. This form will give us all of your personal information that we will need to open your account. Then, when it is convenient for you, either stop by any of our Five Star Bank locations or schedule an appointment with a local representative to establish your account with proper identification and sign your new signature card.

3rd Step

Complete a REQUEST FOR TRANSFER OF FUNDS form. This form will be used to transfer any amount of funds from an outside institution to Five Star Bank. (Note: this does not close the account.)

Due to the time that it may take to receive funds, Five Star Bank still wants you to have the convenience of a banking account to ensure any outstanding checks or automatic payments are made. After a set date, the account closing request form will be sent for the remaining balance of the account.

4th Step

Finalize the closing process by using our ACCOUNT CLOSING REQUEST form. This form will be used to finalize the closing process with the outside institution.


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Thank you for giving Five Star Bank the opportunity to serve you and your financial needs!

We've always been and will always be your community bank.