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workers' compensation

Protecting your employees’ tomorrow.

SDN Insurance® understands the value of good employees. And we know that your day-to-day operations depend on their hard work, expertise, and dedication. When you supply your employees with quality benefits and plans, they can work with the peace of mind that they are properly protected. But should a work-related accident happen, having the right Workers' Compensation plan from SDN Insurance® can allow your business to ensure payments and cover expenses if an employee is injured.

Workers’ compensation insurance can protect your employees from injuries including car accidents and back injuries to equipment malfunctions and, in some unfortunate cases, death. And the right plan can cover financial obligations such as:
  • An injured employee’s medical expenses or treatment
  • The replacement of lost wages from injury time off

Many, but not all, employees are entitled to workers’ compensation. In New York State, any small business with 1 or more employees must provide workers' compensation.
Workers’ compensation benefits are typically only provided to employees. If a volunteer is eligible as an employee, they’re entitled to medical benefits.

Sole proprietors are not required to purchase workers' compensation insurance, but it may be beneficial to do so. Speak with a specialist at SDN Insurance® to help you find the right coverage options for your business.
Every small business is unique. A number of different factors are used to calculate your workers’ compensation cost, such as:
  • Payroll
  • Industry
  • Employees’ type of work
  • Claims history

Calculating the Cost

There are several components that factor into your workers' compensations costs, including:
  • The type of work your employees perform
  • Your business' history of claims

If your business does not offer workers’ compensation, serious injuries that occur on the job could lead to an employee suing your company for damages. That is why it is important to discuss your options with a specialist at SDN Insurance® who can help you find the right coverage options for your type of business.

Benefiting your employees

today and tomorrow.

Protect your team and your business from the unexpected.