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Digital Banking

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security tips

keep your personal information protected.

There are a few steps you can take to enhance your account and personal information protection.*
  • Keep your security software, internet browser, and operating system up to date.
  • Use multi-factor authentication to require two or more credentials to login.
  • Back up your data with a secure cloud storage or an external storage device to protect you in the event of a virus, crash, or being hacked.
  • Protect your home network and make ensure it’s secure.

password protection tips.

Check out our recommendations to enhance the quality of your password.
  • Contain both upper and lower-case characters.
  • Have numbers and special characters (12 or more).
  • Don’t base it on personal information, names of family, etc.
  • Do not write it down or store it on-line.
  • Avoid common words.
  • Don’t use the same passwords across different accounts.

Need to update your password? Update your password here.

Additional Security resources

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